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What you can expect from Shopiago 

There is a monthly subscription fee for Shopiago Ecommerce. For the first three months, if you feel Shopiago is not right for you, you can end the agreement at no additional cost.

After your three month trial period, we also take a small percentage of your sales which will decrease the more you sell.

Our team will be in touch to run through how the software works and will keep in touch regularly to make sure you get the most out of Shopiago.

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Our software is also entirely web based and needs no installation. Shopiago is designed to be simple for users of all technical ability. And our team are always on hand to provide help and support.





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We'll be in touch to get you all set up.


Engage Shops

Engage and motivate shops by giving them real-time visibility of their submitted stock.


Across Marketplaces

Sell items across multiple marketplaces, automatically reconciling your stock in real-time.


Secure Gift Aid

Never lose out on Gift Aid again, with end-to-end tracking and HMRC compliant, exportable reports.


Sell More Stock

Quickly and efficiently move the right stock through your network on its way to a new home.